Version 1.1.8 Release Notes

Version 1.1.8 Release Notes

Sharp Auction Engine V. 1.1.8 brings numerous cosmetic changes and small improvements to our software, but there is one especially important new feature: the ability for bidders to make payments via credit card for items won!


Let’s take a look at what’s new.


Credit Card Payments


In our last release, we unveiled a new feature that allowed auctioneers to preauthorize bidders. For listings utilizing this feature, bidders must have a credit card on file, which is authorized for a specific amount that is set by the auctioneer before being approved to bid.


With V. 1.1.8, Bidders now have the option to actually pay for items with that same credit card on file! In addition to accepting payment via PayPal Express, auctioneers can now accept credit card payments online via Stripe.


As an auctioneer, in order to accept Stripe payments, you must first enable this feature in your House Settings. Visit the Payments tab, where you will be able to enter information from your Stripe account to activate the feature.


Afterwards, bidders can enter and save credit card information either through the registration process when they first create an account or by visiting the bidder Payments tab. To access this tab, just click on “Manage my bidder account” in the user drop-down menu.


Additionally, we allow auctioneers to specify exactly which types of credit cards they are willing to take. For example, you may not wish to accept American Express or another card type. When you enable Stripe payments, you can deselect this option, and bidders will not be able to pay with this card type. When a bidder adds payment information, he or she is shown which cards are accepted.


Updated Text Editors


In an effort to allow more customization, we have added more options to the text editors used throughout the software. We previously added the option for auctioneers to use different text colors, and now we have also added different font families and sizes.


This means that you can now choose to use one of seventeen different fonts, including Georgia, Helvetica, and Book Antiqua. You can also choose to use font sizes all the way up to 36px, giving you many new formatting options.


These new options are available for auctioneers on the text editors in the following locations: the Profile tab (“About Your Company”), the Theme tab (“Front Page Message”), the Catalog Manager (“Catalog Description”), and the Item Manager (“Item Description”).


Custom Theme Options


In addition to the updated text editors, auctioneers will also notice new options for customization. First, auctioneers now have the option to remove Sharp Auction Engine  branding from sign in modals. Currently, when a user signs in to your auction site, he or she sees a short message below the username and password fields that shows that your auction house is a partner with Sharp Auction Engine. If you would like to remove this, however, you now have the option to do so. Simply visit the Settings tab in your House Settings and for the option titled “Allow Branding,” change the option to “disabled.”


When it comes to your site’s theme and color scheme, we have made some changes to ensure that whatever colors you choose, your site will be easily readable by all users. In the past, some auctioneers have had difficulty when selecting white or other light-colored fonts for their sites. We have scanned through the software and have made adjustments to any problem areas to ensure that light-colored fonts are readable for all users.




A major focus for V. 1.1.8 was clean-up and cosmetic fixes. There were numerous updates to the software to improve overall design and layout. The following are just a few of these updates:


  • We have rearranged some components to create a more logical and user-friendly design. Specifically, we have moved the sort/filter/search bar and the pagination below the auction tabs (“Live/Upcoming” and “Closed”).


  • The navigation menu icons have been rearranged slightly to allow for a better mobile device experience. The “notifications” icon and the “Auctioneer Dashboard” icon have switched places so that “notifications” is now the last icon.


  • We have improved the appearance of the countdown timer for “To Be Announced” listings. These are published listings that do not have a set start or end date or time. We have enlarged and centered the text for a cleaner appearance.


  • The option to filter by auction house has been removed by multi-instances. Your bidders will see your auctions and only your auctions. We will continue all efforts to eliminate any reference to any other auction house.


  • Since we moved away from a simple catalog-only format to a new listing model that allows for auctioneers to create listings that are either catalogs or single items, we have updated language within the software from “catalog” to “listing,” most noticeably on the Auctioneer Dashboard, where the “Create new catalog” button now displays “Create new listing.”


  • For those users who have not completed their registration and are trying to bid, the software displays a message to “Please complete your registration” whenever those users attempt to place bids. We have improved this by making it into a link that takes the user directly to where he or she left off in the registration process.




We have made many bugfixes for 1.1.8, particularly ones to improve overall functionality and efficiency of the Photo Manager feature as well ones to improve compatibility with Internet Explorer.




In addition to the above changes, we’ve added a ton of new solutions to our Support Portal for V. 1.1.8.


Whether you are an auctioneer or a bidder, the SAE Support Portal is a great resource for learning more about our product and finding answers to your questions. Just visit to get started!

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