The Advantages of the Private Database

The Advantages of the Private Database

It doesn’t take a tech-trends analyst to see that we are living through a period of rapid technological change. New technologies are developing and evolving at an exponential rate, and with them, too, are consumer habits. With online sales set to surpass $520 billion by 2020 (which would be up 56% from 2015), it is clear that the Internet is the frontier which businesses must adapt to in order to continue to grow and thrive in the marketplace of the future.

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But there is more to it than simply migrating to where the new business is. With this changing technological landscape comes new threats, and online businesses must be prepared to meet these challenges head on in order to win the trust and patronage of consumers.

With more user data being sent and traded online, the risk of that data being compromised and used for purposes outside of what the user ever wanted or intended has also risen sharply. It is common for apps and websites to require you to give away more and more of your privacy and information in those lengthy Terms & Conditions, and increasingly common as well for the creators of those apps and websites to then sell or give that data to either government agencies or third party companies. For these companies, user data is the currency of the future.

Most people, however, are not happy about this. A 2015 Pew Research poll found that an overwhelming 93% of Internet users say that who can access their information online is important to them, with 74% specifying that it is very important to them. The take-away for auctioneers and other online businesses should be clear – the ability to provide an assurance of protection for user data will put your business at an advantage over those who cannot. If you can provide this service you will already be ahead of the curve, and well-suited to stay relevant in the modern marketplace.

At Sharp Auction Engine we know how important data privacy is to bidders because we come from a bidder background ourselves. That’s why we’ve ensured that our product is truly private label, meaning your data is yours and yours alone. Many competing softwares may offer a competent platform on the front-end, but utilize a shared bidder database in which user info is also accessible by the back-end software company. This puts auction houses in an uncomfortable position where they are unable to give their bidders a full assurance of data privacy. But when you’re with us, you can rest easy knowing that only you have access to bidder data. This means that your bidders don’t have their information being given to a behind-the-scenes company that they never agreed to do business with, and you don’t have to worry about any shared databases where potential competitors can access your bidder info, either. So really, it’s a win-win. Your brand, your bidders.

So go ahead and let your bidders know that you are a 100% independent, private label business, with whom their private data is kept private. We think it will make a difference to them.




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