18 Reasons SAE is the Perfect Real Estate Auction Software

18 Reasons SAE is the Perfect Real Estate Auction Software

Sharp Auction Engine isn’t just for traditional auctioneers. While our platform was originally built for the world of fast-talkers, there have also been plenty of forward-thinking real estate agents and brokers who have taken advantage of SAE’s technology in order to utilize additional selling methods, or to showcase their regular listings. SAE is perfect for functioning as a real estate auction software, or just as a place to display your listings online for traditional buyers.

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, we’ve highlighted below some of the various features of SAE that agents and brokers have seized upon to supplement, expand, and strengthen their business!



Easily create location-based searches using Categories function.


Animated image showing the "Category" function of Sharp Auction Engine software


In just one example of how brokers and agents have found ways to shape SAE’s functionality to their own needs, the “Categories” function can be used to sort your listings according to location.Whether it is based on zip code or city or any other way you wish to categorize it, bidders can filter listings from your home page to only see those that pertain to their area.



Share listings across multiple websites and platforms with Widget feature.


Animated image showing how to use the "Auction Widget" function of Sharp Auction Engine software


Your listings don’t have to just live in a single place. Any web page you want can also duplicate your listings, allowing you to place them directly into any HTML environment. This allows you to ensure that your properties are seen far and wide. All you have to do is edit the desired display of the widget with the SAE environment, and then copy and paste the generated code.



Reach and appeal to mobile buyers with responsive display for every device.


An image showing a woman browsing homes on the Sharp Auction Engine platform


With ever-growing shares of eCommerce taking place on mobile devices, it is more important than ever to present content that can scale attractively and practically to every device. Over 50% of web-browsing and shopping now takes place on mobile devices instead of desktops, and there is every reason to believe this trend will continue. That’s why SAE utilizes a mobile-first design philosophy that ensures your listings attract and delight viewers, no matter what device they’re using.



Easily bulk or private message bidders.


Animated image showing the "Messaging" function of Sharp Auction Engine software


Send in-house correspondence to individual bidders or multiple users at once with SAE’s simple messaging system. Get important notices out at the click of a button, sent from either the official House account or from your personal bidder account.

You can also easily download a registered bidders report with the full details of all of your bidders, allowing for emailing through outside mail clients.



Embed walk-through videos directly into listing.


Animated image showing an integration Roundme's virtual tour and of Sharp Auction Engine's software


Showcase your properties online like never before with simple, attractive media plug-ins such as 360 degree walkthrough videos. Simple paste the embed code into the “Advanced Media/HTML5” module of your catalog, and choose where you want it to appear as well as what size!

Example created with roundme.com.



Brokers add other real estate agent/staff member accounts to let them add listings themselves.


Support timed online auction listings as well as traditional For Sale listings.


Accelerate marketing process to lead to quicker closings.


Add documents to specific listings for bidders to download (inspection reports, buyer disclosure forms, etc.).


Quickly get listings to front of search results with SEO optimized description fields.


Embed aerial drone property videos directly into listings.


Expand marketing tool belt with full digital marketing kit.


Create custom HTML pages to build and expand content to heart’s desire.


Easily add CSS to make more advanced theme. The sky’s the limit: build on it all you want.


Quick color and listing display options for easy changes at any time.


Create urgency for bidders with dynamic countdown timers.


Sellers see their listing immediately and have motivation to share.


Pre-authorization allows for screening serious buyers.



Of course, this cursory list doesn’t cover everything. Every day our resourceful real estate customers come up with new and novel ways to display their properties and bring them before the eyes of bidders, whether they’re auctions or just listed for visibility on the web. Stay tuned for more




Don’t take our word for it, find out for yourself! Sharp Auction Engine offers a free 30-day trial.

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