How To Redact a User

To help our auctioneers comply with new European Union user data regulations (more commonly known as “GPDR compliance”), we’ve added the ability to “Redact” a user. While the original bidder account will still technically remain on your website, personal account information such as:

-First/Last Name



-Email Address

-Phone Number

-Street Address

-Payment Information

-Preferred Paddle Number


Will all be deleted.

Caution: Once you have redacted a user, you will no longer be able to access their account from your Bidders list. This feature can also be used to remove access to your website from bidders who you no longer wish to be able to log in. Past auction reports, bid histories, and invoices will still have the bidder account attached to them, but will no longer have the information listed above attached to them.

How It Works (Feature Only Available for “Auctioneer” Accounts):


Navigate to your “Bidders” tab and locate the account you wish to delete. There is now a red “Redact” button on the far right of the bidder’s info:

User Redact 1.png

Clicking the “Redact” button will open the pop-up module pictured below. We’ve added this so that you can’t accidentally redact a user!

Redact User 2.png

If you do not want to redact the user, click “No”. If you do want to redact the user, click “Yes”. After a user is redacted, you will see this alert at the top of your Auctioneer Dashboard:

Redact User 3.png

And that’s that! The user will no longer be able to log in, view past invoices, or bid in any of your auctions. Remember, this process CANNOT be reversed, so be sure you want to do it before you attempt it! Please contact us at if you need further assistance learning how to use this feature!

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