How To Send a Bulk Message to Bidders

How To Send a Bulk Message to Bidders

To send a bulk email to your bidders through the SAE platform, log in to your auctioneer account and then click the Envelope icon:

Bulk email 1.PNG

After your message inbox loads, click the “Compose new message” button:

Bulk email 2.png

Bulk emails can be sent to no more than 50 unique users per email. This means that if an SAE auctioneer wishes to send a marketing email through their website, they will need to send it separately to bidders 1-50, then 51-100, and so on. To make this transition as painless as possible, we’ve added a numbering system to our current messaging functionality. This way, auctioneers can easily determine who the next 50 bidders to send to will be (shown below):


You can quickly select more than one bidder to send to at a time by holding down the “Shift” key, and then clicking the first and last bidder you’re sending this particular email too.

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