Someone working at a desk, the text reads: "AUCTION FEVER: How to harness it for online Auctions to generate excitement for higher profit auctions"

Auction Fever | Part 2 | 5 Tips for Harnessing Auction Fever In Online Auctions

Read Part 1 of our Auction Fever series The Psychology of Auction Fever    The undeniable allure of auctions is their ability to uniquely captivate an audience in a way that

3.2.0 Release Notes

SAE v3.2.0 Release Notes   With our AWS Migration right around the corner, we’ve been focused primarily on making sure your data will be safely and securely transferred over to

How To Send a Bulk Message to Bidders

To send a bulk email to your bidders through the SAE platform, log in to your auctioneer account and then click the Envelope icon: After your message inbox loads, click

How To Redact a User

To help our auctioneers comply with new European Union user data regulations (more commonly known as “GPDR compliance”), we’ve added the ability to “Redact” a user. While the original bidder

Find out what you need to be GDPR compliant

GDPR Readiness Guide For Auctioneers

  On May 25, 2018, one of the largest, most comprehensive data privacy laws to date will be in full force.   The General Data Protection Regulation is a new

VIDEO: Why Sharp Auction Engine Is The Perfect Real Estate Software

We've got plenty of reasons that Sharp Auction Engine can help you with all your real estate needs. In this short video, we cover a few reasons why Sharp Auction

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